My name is Gary I have quite a busy yet enjoyable past history which involves the working management and training of canines, In my late teens I sought to improve my canine training and management skills, I was offered a position working in Europe alongside the British Army.


I moved to Germany to work in conjunction with the army dog training unit ADTU, I was trained as a dog handler in the very sense of the word from handler to the person in the bite suit, My duties were to assist in the retraining (they picked up some real bad habits including biting of their handlers) of the German shepherd dog & Czechoslovakian Wolfdog  the latter may have been a hybrid of the two, the training covered all aspects of  

guard / tracking /sniffer and obedience training to which my personal training dog was called Arkel, he was a fantastic dog in every way his obedience was second to none, his recall was 100% just as his loyalty.


Unfortunately he was put to sleep at the young age of 8 which I was told was mandatory for MOD canines, you can understand my total distress this caused me, one day he was a happy go free and then just taken away, RIP Arkel. After a few years of gaining this exceptional knowledge and insight of guard dogs, it was time for me to return to the UK.

I have kept away from guard dogs and the training of them, my passion for dogs and training has stayed with me, I am also a practising falconer of 25 year's experience (still learning), I decided to incorporate the use of my dog training knowledge and discipline with falconry, so I acquired a rehome German Shorthaired Pointer “Sky” to work with my Hawks and Falcons which can be a task to achieve at the best of times, both working in harmony over quarry or that of a lure.

The training took a few years mainly for Sky to mature and gain the fitness and discipline required for falconry, they made a fantastic team and well worth all the training of them both.


Over the years I have been asked by several dog owners and handlers for advice and guidance in the training and discipline of their pets which I have given freely and openly though I must stress I spend more of my time teaching humans how to manage their dogs, which is also very rewarding.


I am also a private keeper of exotic animals, a founder and director of a registered charity called The Little Zoo, we encourage and educate the general public, including children the importance of animal welfare and ownership of exotic animals.  

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